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Monday To Sunday From 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM
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Club Padel
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Club Padel

Club Padel

First Padel Club in Lahore at Goldcrest Mall

We believe Pakistan has always been world renowned for creating worldclass players. as Padel is becoming the world’s fastest growing sport, we believe we should have the infrastructure in Pakistan to play and compete globally in Padel.

About Us Our Padel club is the first of its kind in Lahore. Offering a multi sports complex with not just Padel but football and cricket as well.


Padel is the combination of squash and tennis that is ideally played in teams of two. The game is played with Padel rackets that have a short handle in comparison with tennis rackets.

The game starts with a serve from one player who has to stand with both of his feet outside the line. As per Padel rules, the ball should hit anywhere inside the diagonal box first. After bouncing on the floor, within the box, it can hit the glass but can not hit the fence as it is a foul.

One important rule is that the ball must hit the floor first before it goes toward the players or touches the glass wall. In Padel, you can also hit the ball on your own side of the glass but not on the fence.


Book a Private Padel Court with us today to enjoy your own 100 private court with your family and friends. Select from a range of options from a session with our in-house experts or simply to enjoy a game with your peers or opt to enter a tournament.


4th Floor at Goldcrest Mall

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