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Kids Play Area

Kids Play Area

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Kids Play Area

Kids Play Area

Exclusive Kids Play Area In Lahore


Playgrounds and other recreational spaces in our cities are necessary where our little kids and children can play to refresh their minds. Therefore, Goldcrest Mall took a step by building one of the finest play areas for kids in Lahore.


Although the mall is famous for having known domestic and international brands, it has one of the best play areas for kids where our little ones can have some of the greatest moments of their lives. We aim to add many game options for kids and children at our kids play area in Lahore and add colors to their dream.


You must step out of your comfort zone and visit our fun place. Let’s move to Goldcrest Mall and let your child fly!


Get together and enjoy a wide range of fun activities


The play area for kids at Goldcrest Mall is the newest adventure arena. Here, you will find several hands-on activities, including video games, electrical cradles, and many other exciting games.


One of the best aspects of our play area is that we designed it in a way that is exciting for kids and all age group people. For toddlers, our play area has a soft play spot designed in a way that lets you encourage toddlers to play independently.


You will never feel bored when playing with your little ones here. It is the best place for parents and guardians to spend quality time with their kids and capture incredible moments via smartphones.   


The fantastic thing about our kids' play area in Lahore is that you (adults) can spend more time down on your baby’s level, playing video games, looking at exciting toys together, doing fun things with them, and just hanging out. It is the dream gathering spot for the entire family.


Enjoy great moments for less


Yes, our play area lets you enjoy great moments with your loved ones at a reasonable cost. We take care of all your needs and, of course, your kids. If you are looking for an interesting and inexpensive play area for your kids, the Goldcrest Mall's play area is ideal for everything, especially the price. You will spend less of your hard-earned money and give your kids an absolutely fun environment.


We believe in providing an environment that encourages your children, and yes, even adults, to capture the great life moments.


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